What Money Can't Buy.

Some things don't have price tags.

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87 things that money can't buy:

  1. The embrace of an old friend that you haven't seen in years.

  2. A loving marriage.

  3. Good health.

  4. Novelty. If anything, we become more accustomed to routine as our money grows.

  5. Mastery of a foreign language.

  6. Additional time with your parents.

  7. Additional time with your grandparents.

  8. Additional time in your own life.

  9. Laughter that brings tears to your eyes when hearing a funny story for the first time.

  10. Laughter that brings tears to your eyes when telling a funny story for the 100th time.

  11. Laughter that brings tears to your eyes as you exchange stories and jokes with good friends for hours and hours.

  12. Genuine interest, engagement, and affection from your significant other.

  13. Genuine interest, engagement, and affection from a first date that you hope will become your significant other.

  14. A second date, or at least a second date that both parties actually look forward to.

  15. A scratch golf game.

  16. The connection that develops between strangers as they exchange life stories over a cold beer.

  17. The ability to bench press 225 pounds.

  18. Patience.

  19. A coastal sunset at dusk.

  20. A sunrise in a foreign land.

  21. God's blessing (unless, of course, you believe in prosperity gospel).

  22. The courage to deliver a speak to a crowd of 1,000 people.

  23. The courage to initiate a difficult conversation that you know will hurt someone you care about.

  24. The courage to tell an asshole that they are an asshole.

  25. The courage to prioritize your ambitions over society's expectations.

  26. A sense of fulfillment in your work.

  27. That "Hell yes" sensation you feel when a new acquaintance becomes a good friend.

  28. The ability to play guitar.

  29. Admiration from your peers.

  30. A loving relationship with your children.

  31. Enough confidence to laugh at yourself.

  32. Creativity.

  33. The spontaneous, unplanned happenings (which become the best stories and memories) that result from being with the right people at the right time.

  34. Athletic ability.

  35. Some of the world's best views (these often rely on a combination of your willingness to hike and God's willingness to channel his inner Bob Ross.)

  36. That "Hell yes" sensation you feel as everything *just clicks* with a new love interest.

  37. The adrenaline rush that floods your body as you go a little bit too fast.

  38. A week-long road trip with your best friends and a good Spotify playlist.

  39. The camaraderie that develops between people who share strenuous experiences.

  40. A decent sense of style.

  41. A decent sense of humor.

  42. The ability to write well.

  43. The ability to dance well.

  44. Respect.

  45. Real travel. The more expensive the vacation, the more likely that you are simply exporting your American lifestyle to another country. Ditch the English-speaking Hilton resort and get lost somewhere new.

  46. Additional time in your own life.

  47. The fortitude to take ownership of your life's direction.

  48. A sense of wonder and awe for the world around us.

  49. A warm meal in a stranger's home in a foreign land.

  50. The ability to operate outside of one's comfort zone.

  51. Friendships that don't have strings attached. Money tends to attract the opposite, actually.

  52. An audience that actually enjoys your content.

  53. A bond with your dog.

  54. A six-pack (unless we're talking about beer).

  55. The most fun experience of your life, whatever it is. Money may have set the stage, but it didn't create the fun.

  56. A good night's sleep.

  57. Commitment (to a partner, skill, career, anything).

  58. A sub-six minute mile.

  59. Poker prowess.

  60. Chess prowess.

  61. Stable spending habits.

  62. A happy childhood.

  63. A happy adulthood.

  64. Privacy (don't believe me? Ask Jeff Bezos.)

  65. The courage to say "yes" to opportunities that you might not feel ready for, but could change your life.

  66. The wisdom to say "no" to things that benefit the short-term at the expense of the long-term.

  67. A generous disposition.

  68. People who actually want to listen to your advice.

  69. Advice actually worth listening to.

  70. Satisfactory victories (while you can certainly buy some wins, a victory earned will always be better than a victory purchased.)

  71. Lucky, life-altering opportunities that emerge on detours from your life's main storyline.

  72. Sincere compliments.

  73. The discipline to continue working on the days that you don't want to.

  74. Maximum effort from smart people who are not solely motivated by money.

  75. Wit.

  76. The sense of achievement you feel after doing something difficult.

  77. Character. If anything, more money gives you more excuses to let your character falter.

  78. Good ideas.

  79. A sense of urgency.

  80. The novel ideas and technological breakthroughs created by those living with a high sense of urgency.

  81. Experience. Money is typically a shortcut to avoid this very thing.

  82. Additional time in your own life.

  83. A bias towards action.

  84. The ability to prioritize.

  85. Trust, when you are meeting someone new.

  86. Trust, after it has been broken.

  87. Enough.

Some things that money can buy:

  1. The freedom and flexibility to pursue the things that it can't buy.

Proceed accordingly.

Money bought the plane ticket, not the view. The latter is priceless.

- Jack

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