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The last two months have been fantastic. Now I'm going to ask you guys for some help.

Jack Raines
September 16, 2021

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Why General Electric Stock Just Popped | The Motley Fool

On July 8th, I sent “All My Homies Hate Taxes” to about 50 of my friends, and Young Money was born. Two months later, we are up to 500 subscribers. 10x in two months is fantastic. If you can do that with your money a few times, You’ll be retiring by the end of the year.

I’m not writing on a novel topic today. I wanted to try something new, and I need your help. I’ve written about a lot of stuff over the last two months. Balancing time and money. Investing 101. How to minimize your taxes. Take early career risks.

During this time, I’ve had a ton of you, some people I know and some I don’t, reach out to me saying you enjoyed the content. Positive feedback from you guys is awesome.

1) It shows that you guys enjoy the content.

2) It tells me that the information I’m sharing has been useful in your lives.

Now that we’re a couple of months in, I’m going to ask you guys to help me with something. I want you to pick your favorite article that I’ve written and forward it to someone who isn’t subscribed to this. Preferably someone who doesn’t know me.


1) I want to curate my content to make sure I’m writing about topics that you guys care about. I can track the most shared articles, and it will help me keep my newsletters in line with your interests.

2) I want to grow this newsletter to reach as many people as possible. It seems that you guys both enjoy these writings and find them useful. I imagine that if you feel this way, a lot of your friends will too.

Everyone has the same questions:

What should I do with my money?

How do I find a fulfilling career?

Where should I invest?

What’s the best way to achieve work-life balance?

Should I change career paths?

Should I buy a house?

What can I do about student debt?

I want you to help me reach your friends and family that may have some of the same questions as you. I have organized all of my prior posts below with a brief summary of each one. If you click a link, it will take you to that article. All of the articles have a button that will let you share the article.

Here’s all I need you to do:

1) Find your favorite article.

2) Think about a friend (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 100) that you think would enjoy said article.

3) Click the corresponding link below.

4) Share said article with said friend(s). You can text it to them, email it, share it via Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook. Anything.

5) Get through two more days of work, and go enjoy your weekend.

500 followers in such a short time is awesome, and I appreciate each and every one of you. Now I’m asking for a small favor: help me grow this network to include your friends.

Article List

All My Homies Hate Taxes: The tax benefits of Roth IRAs and regular IRAs. Learn how to compound hundreds of thousands of tax free money, and be set when you hit retirement age.

 Time Isn’t Money: We spend a lot of time worrying about making more money. Let’s talk about what matters even more: Time. How do you find that balance between making money and enjoying your time?

Used Cars, Lumber, and Chipotle Burritos. Let’s Talk Inflation: Inflation is a hot topic, so it’s time to discuss what inflation is, and what it isn’t.

Bitcoin or Bitcon?: Crypto is so hot in 2021. This is a bit anti-Bitcoin, but it’s a good article to dispel some popular, yet not so true, narratives.

It’s Okay to Spend Money: Let’s talk about the dangers of saving for savings sake, and building a healthy relationship with our wallets. Saving is important, but don’t forget to live a little.

Homeownership: American Dream or Financial Nightmare?: Is buying a home actually a smart move, or will it tie up your finances for years and years?

Just Do It: If you are having second thoughts about taking that crazy risk, new job opportunity, or anything else in life that you keep talking yourself out of, this is for you.

Stocks Only Go Up: Why the market is rigged, and that’s a good thing. Over the long-run, stocks always go up. Let’s hop on for the ride.

Frameworks & Opportunities > Goals: If you spend your life chasing goals, you might forget to enjoy the ride along the way. How can we pursue success while enjoying the process?

Slowly, Then All at Once: Progress isn’t linear. How to stay the course when stuff isn’t happening quite like you wanted.

Where Do I Start?: The hardest part about investing is getting started. If you want to hop in the stock market, but have no idea where to turn, this is for you. This article will teach you all you need to know to become a millionaire (slowly).

Picking the Right Game > Being the Best Player: We spend a lot of time working, but less time figuring out what to work on. This is how to find the career for you.

Not Fungible: Everything you need to know about the NFT craze in 2021.

So You Wanna Trade Stocks: I lost 100k in a day. I also turned $6k into $300k. This is all about the psychological aspects of trading that can really screw you up.

Wealth Isn’t Zero Sum: The rich get richer, and so do we. This is how wealth really grows in a prospering nation over time.

Health Is Wealth: Money doesn’t matter if you’re dead. This is why taking care of your health > any financial achievements.

Carpe DM: The evolution of the direct message. How to use the DMs to build your network and land a dream job.

For the record, my two favorites are Just Do It and Slowly, Then All at Once.

Thanks guys! Only one more day til Friday 🤝


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